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    advice on my cycle (Deca+Sus)

    My current (and 1st) cycle looks like this:

    wk1-2 400mg Deca
    wk3-5 400mg Deca / 400mg Sustanon
    wk6-9 500mg Deca / 500mg Sustanon
    wk10-12 300mg Deca / 300mg Sustanon

    I'm on week 6 now. But I started the Sus 2 weeks into my cycle. How should I carry this cycle this cycle through, I mean, should I stop the Sus before the Deca, or vise versa? What do you think about the dosages/duration?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsxxr
    1-10 deca 400mg
    1-12 sust 500mg shoot eod
    1-11 b-6 200mg
    1-pct nolv 10mg day

    this is how it should look
    i say so too

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    cool, I'll pick up some b-6 and nolv. Thanks! How long should I be doing PCT after this cycle?

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