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    Need help with Maxteron

    i purchased a bottle of Maxteron from impact nutrition and i am 3 weeks into the 4 week cycle. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANABOLIC SUBSTANCES, but i do know that i have not gained but maybe 2 pounds so far...... has anyone else tried this product and did it work for you? what do you guys recommend for a first time cycle now that prohormones are illegal?

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    I'm sorry bro but if you think Maxteron is an anabolic steroid they have you fooled. I see from your profile that your need to hold off from steroids for a few more years.

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    All Maxteron does is make your wallet lighter.

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    That stuff is BS. Big time BS. I have a friend who coughed up 600 for their crap(equibolan,maxrton,dynadrol,etc) and didn't do crap. You could gain the same from natural supps. Invest in good food,whey protein and hit the gym.

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