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    how can u 'feel' dbol..?

    im 4 days into my cycle with test e...deca and dbol ... i havent feel anything.. no strength bloat.... nothing impressive.... should my dbol have worked by now? how does dbol feel? and how long does dbol normally kick in?

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    I usually 'feel' it after a week. You should notice a weight jump of a couple/few pounds in the first week or so which will be attributed soley to the water you'll be retaining (whether you feel bloated or not will depend on your bf%). The strength gains should come exponentially shortly thereafter

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    well put polska, when people say they "feel it" they basically mean they have a little more energy/stamina in the gym, they are a bit stronger, and sometimes on an emotional upper.

    be patient with the dbol , it might even take a week and a half. keep working hard.

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    took me over a week to feel it

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    i saw strength increase in about 3 days... by day 5 the pumps were amazing, even painful sometimes, especially lower back pumps... everyone is different though..

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