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    injection question

    whats goin on borthers im about to do my next cycle im gonna do 750mg sust a week everyone knows how much of a pain of an ass it is to inject three times a week. My question is could I inject 500mg on Monday then inject 250mg on thursday or will that not work. Or do I have to three seperate shots.

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    Are you not shooting sust ED?

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    No... The point of eod shots is to keep blood levels stable and by doing it the way you're suggesting would make them fluctuate all over the place... Stick to eod or just get a single ester test.

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    run eod, my nexx cycle of sust is going to be 125mg ed.
    for blood levels and prop needs to be shoot at least eod

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    youre going to have to inject 250mg something like mon, wed, and fri. I would not do it 500mg on mon and 250on thrusday. This is why sust is not recommended for first time AS users, because of the rapid rise and fall of blood plasma levels and frequent injections. I would trade in the sust for some test E or cyp. just omy tow cents

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    dtr has the right idea. I like that... a half amp every day. Sweet. Maybe stack some fina with that, and you got a killer cycle.

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