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    Dec 2004

    5th cycle questions: More test&EQ or add winny?

    currently 2/3 of the way thru 5th cycle. 6'1" 212, work out 5days wk split workout with cardio am 30-45min and weights pm. proper diet with nov .10 and ldex .25, B6 and milk thristle.

    current cycle:
    1-5 Dbol 30-60mg Day
    1-7 Test E&C 500mgs wk
    1-10EQ400mg/ wk

    7-10 Test P 150mg EOD

    10-20 Test P 90mg ED
    10-17 EQ 500mg/ wk

    My question is this; would you run winny for 4-6wks at 50-75mg/ day
    up test and EQ?

    Past test amounts over past 4 cycle were between 400-700wk(Sus and Super Test) Did use winny V last cycle at 50mg for 7wks
    Trying to detiremine where to spend the funds the last 9weeks.

    Goal is to remain lean and put on lean mass.

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    your test and eq dosages are should be plenty, you could throw in some winny and it will harden you up good. maybe even up the eq a little and throw in some winny.

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    Thanks man. Now I know what to order this week. Would you recommend 50mg of winny for 7wks or 75mgs for 5weeks? Just because I used winny before with 50mg for 7weeks. was unsure of dosage

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    in the gym
    yes, run the winny at the end of your cycle

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    In end you mean after the last shot of test? Or the last weeks of his cycle?

    Since I wonder abit myself, doing 10weeks of testE and 4-6weeks of winny.

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