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    Non Test cycle???

    iw as wondering how many people did a non test cycle like primo, boldenon stacked woth other compound EXEPT test.

    1) your cycle (dosages, length)
    2) gains made and gains kept
    3) side effects

    thanks bro's

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    Not a good idea, IMO.
    No test, no cycle

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    I second that bro

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    For the love of god he didn't ask if you thought it was a good idea. Either of you.

    1) M1t for 4 weeks at 15mgs
    2)Gains made: 15lbs Gain Kept: 15lbs (kept gaining in PCT actually)
    3)Not many side effects, sex drive was a little low but I could get it up the whole time. Besides that and some lethargy I was good to go, great cycle.

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    No test cycles

    As I am sure you are seeing, asking about no test cycles seems to be a very "emotional" question on this board.

    I run low dose cycles with no test, but unlike most other people on this board, I am not trying to gain mass. Here are some examples of the cycles and results:

    1) Cycle (age 22): Dianabol at 20 mg per day and anavar at 20 mg per day for 12 weeks

    2) Gains made and gains kept- Bodyweight increased by 15 pounds. Bodyfat dropped from roughly 15% to 11%. Lost most of the gains after the cycle. Strength lifts increased by roughly 20%.

    3) Side effects: None really that were bad, Sexual function (and desire) increased slightly, some minor problems with acne, bloat, etc.

    1) Cycle (age 40): Deca at 200 mg per week and anavar at 20 mg per day for roughly 12 weeks

    2) Gains made and gains kept- Bodyweight increased by 5 pounds (note: I am a very "easy" gainer). Bodyfat dropped from roughly 14% to 10%.

    3) Side effects: None that I can tell. Sexual function (and desire) stayed the same, no problems with acne, bloat, etc. Joints felt great.

    I get a tremendous amount of bloat from test (no matter what anti-e's I take, no matter what my diet is, etc.), and since I am already 235 pounds (6'4") I don't want to gain weight.

    But the test cycles I have done were impressive in that you do keep a lot of the strength you gain from the cycle.

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