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Thread: your lab rat!!

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    Your Lab Rat!

    If you all had 5 bottles of BD prop, 2 bottles BD masteron , 2 bottles of Illium winstrol (20cc each), 500 Bd turanabol, 100 BD proviron , teslac , hcg , and clomid-how would you layer it, and would you add anything?(just curious)-my mind is always open to new things(especially with the ladies) BTW, I want to keep the cycle around 6-8 weeks.

    Also, just to let you guys know, I will be getting blood done before, during and after cycle( full andropause panel) I will let you know how everything goes. I havnt used anything for 18 months, my stats are still the same(check my profile). i think that this will provide good insight on recovering testosterone levels back to not only normal ranges, but optimal natural ranges. I know that 6-8 weeks is rather short, but it will still give me an idea to the degree of suppression, and the time it takes to recover.
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