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    PCT for only 4.5 weeks of PROP

    So I have to end the prop part of my var/prop cycle early. I was taking 60mg a day var (which I plan on continuing) and 60mg ed of test prop. I have clomid, nolva, and letro on hand. I was simply wondering if I needed PCT being on prop for less than half the time I planned and if so, what should I take and what should the dosage be? And what is the lonest I should be on var? This is my first cycle, I'm 5'10" 190 6% bf. I also have clen that good for PCT? Any advice is much appreciated ASAP because my last injection was 48 hrs ago from this post.

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    if you're ending the prop, you should be ending the var as well IMO.

    one way or another, don't start PCT until you stop taking the var.

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