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    why sustanon takes 4 weeks to kick in??

    hm.. i was just wondering.. if sustanon contains short medium and long ester...why it has to take 4-5 weeks to kick in?? thats the same as cyp and enant.... those are long esters.. but sustanon are mixed.. i would expect a faster gains with susta..1 week perhaps?

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    When I took sust I "felt" it kick in almost immediately, meaning better mood, better pump during workout, etc.

    I did not "see" actual gains until a few weeks later.

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    yeah it takes a few weeks to get good noticable gains. its not like you just take one or two shoots and you blow up like superman, its not magic but with the prop in it youll feel it like hoopcat said.


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    maybe its due to the concentration levels of it in your blood. I guess with the small amount of prop in it, it would take a good few weeks before it built up enough to make you see noticable gains. Maybe if you were to kickstart it with test prop for the first week, shot ED or EOD, you would saturate the blood quicker with it and see reults then, JMO

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