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Thread: Qv

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    I know alot of you guys don't like qv and say the stuff is underdosed,does anyone have any proof of this?and also what are some of your favorite brands,just like to hear some of you guys personally experiences with other brands,I personally have only tried qv,bdragon,and who ever makes T-400,I've had good results with all the stuff I've tried,just want too hear from the rest of you.

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    Denkall makes t400...most of their products are good...i've never used QV, but from what i heard, it's alot like Brovel which i've hit in the past with decent results...never used bdragon either...everything's a crap shoot bro, i mean, even if one batch tests out high, the next may be can either pay the bigger $$$ for pharmacy-grade, but even then, you have to worry about counterfeits, etc, and alot of times, they come up a little short (cc wise)...for the past few years, i've been using some good UG stuff from a couple different guys that are purported to be "standup", and i've gotten good results, but again, you never's just a helluva lot cheaper

    just my exp...


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    ive had good results with QV in the past, doing a QV deca test cycel as we speek, 1st cycle in 2 years and not much yet so well see.

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    QV and Denkall are about the best Mex gear, but if you can get it and the cost is not an issue, legit human grade gear is the way to go.

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    If you go on qv's site you'll acually see some are underdosed but some are overdosed...its just the way it goes...i'm on a fina qv test eth cycle now and all my friends love it....take it for what its worth

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