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Thread: Revorit-B

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    I think that is how its spelled. Anyway my source has a bunch of these and I was thinking about picking some up for future bulking cycles. Just want some feedback on anyone who had used it and what they thought. BTW if anyone is unfamiliar with what it is, it is injectable D-Bol @ 25 mg/ml with B-12 and some other vitamins and comes in a 50 cc bottle.

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    SwoleCat is offline AR Hall of Fame
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    No one ever injects that dirty shit.

    It's made to be taken orally, put in capsules, whatever.

    It's REFORVIT-B by the way.


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    Yes like swole said, don't inject it, take it orally.

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    you can inject it but i woulden't no way i woulden't even drink that shit just get some oral d-boll you will be happy you did

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