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    Question propionate/ clenbuterol stack

    does anyone know can this be an effective stack and what level of indication is on a 25 gauge needle example im new to this use and dont know if needle will say 50 mg for my first shot

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    You mean the syringe. Generally you use a 3cc syringe and it is marked in CC with .2cc graduations. A cc is the same as a ml. You must calculate the dose by volume yourself, according to the strength of the gear. For instance, if you want to shoot 75mg/ED of prop, and your prop is compounded at 100mg/ml, you would take .75cc. You need to learn to do your ge*****ithmetic before you think about beginning a cycle. Keep reading and learning for another year or so.

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    Ditto! Very well said Baron.


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    "ge*****ithmetic", lol, nice one.

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