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Thread: blood test

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    blood test

    i have to go in for a mono test soon. they take your blood and im wondering if anything else will show up on the test such as AS or pot or anything somebody please help

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    Hello, I'm not exactly sure what kinda blood test you are actually taking. If you are taking a regular blood test then Sauce will not show up. The reason it will not is because the STeroid blood test IS VERY EXPENSIVE. therefore if they just say blood test then normally its just a regular test to see if you take weed. If you take other kinds of drugs then I beleive it will show up as well. But DO NOT WORRY about steroids test. I doubt it its a test for steroids. Thast a whole different blood test.

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    Cool No and no, in that order.

    You're cool on the test.

    However, since you're over 18, remember that whatever you tell your doctor should remain confidential. (If it's a doctor that also treats your family, make sure he or she understands that.) That said, I would be up front with your doc about using AS or smoking weed - I'm sure your doc has heard it before, and it will help rule out any other causes of whatever is getting you down. As always, I recommend asking your doc not to note any AS or pot use in your chart.

    Also, you didn't discuss your workout routine or cycle, but you should realize that unless you're carrying a lot of muscle, at 6'5" and 270 lbs., you would be considered clinically obese. (The Metropolitan Height-Weight Chart, the standard used in medicine, only goes up to 6'4" and the maximum weight for someone 6'4" with a large frame is 207 lbs.) Therefore, if you have any family history of diabetes, this might be a contributing factor.

    Good luck with the doctor, bro - let us know how it turns out.

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    they don't check because the steroid test is a lot of money up in the $200-$300, but they can easily just give you a testosterone check which they did to me only because i asked and my testosterone was around 1100 when a normal range is somewhere from 300-700 or something like that.

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