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Thread: check my cycle

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    pinpusher is offline New Member
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    Jul 2005

    check my cycle

    Ok, this is only my 2nd cycle.

    1cc of denkall t400 every 4 days.
    300mg of EQ every 4 days.

    no nalva yet but have it on hand.

    been on for around 6 weeks. great strength gains but not much weight gain.

    any input would b great guys


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    houston, tx
    how many calories are you eating?

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    Apr 2005
    Post your diet!!!

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    pinpusher is offline New Member
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    Jul 2005
    im 5'-10" 168-170 lbs.

    I try (key word try) to eat around 3-4 grand. but its hard to keep consistant everyday.

    hard part is i work in an office all day and its really difficult to just sit around and eat. i do very little cadio now but i cant seem to gain any weight. im getin cut up as all get out but no weight gian.

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