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    Got my blood tests..need help here

    I got my blood tests today..check these pls:

    SGOT 54 IU/l
    SGPT 273 IU/l
    γ- GT 16 IU/l
    Alk phosphatase 42 IU/l
    LDH 330 IU/l

    Prolactine 7,59
    Estradiol E2 10,0
    Progesterone 0,73
    FSH 0,47
    LH 0,87
    Testo 88,2
    Free Testo 7,62

    I am on my 5th week of Primo-Var cycle, I take Ephedrine+Caffeine 3 times a day,
    I also take Whey, Aminos,Vit C 3-4 grms,liver tabs, multi..
    What do u think? I am worried about the SGPT and SGOT values…is it normal considered that I am on cycle? Any help would be appreciated

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    i would say the 273 is a tad concerning. the normal range is 0-60 for ALT. i would guess its from the var and possibly ephedrine. i know some herbs and for sure oral gear elevate the liver enzymes. i wouldnt worry to much you seem to be in the middle of a cycle and these numbers will come down. what sort of liver tabs are you taking? might want to try some milk thistle and or liv-52. good luck!

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    I thought so by myself ,this the first time I take orals and Anavar must have put some stress in the liver...I must take my milk thistle I guess.
    I take Uniliver tabs by Universal, u know the aminos..

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