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Thread: Test diffrences

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    Test diffrences

    Hey AR Im starting a cycle of Test cypionate before I head to Iraq. I will also be running some d-bol. I have cycle experiance however the test I always ran was prop or sustanon 250, which are both short ester tests. What diffrences can I expect from the cypionat and what dosage recomondations would be recommended? Here is what I planned on.

    TEST CYP weeks 1-10 250 mg 2x weekly
    dbol 30 -35 mg daily weeks 1-4

    I am 26 y.o. 215 my bf % is around 19 20 which is a little higher than I want right now. Going to Iraq will most likley solve that problem. My main goal is streanth increase and size increase what dose would you pros recommend. Of course I will be using a good PCT, and an anti-e during cycle

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    Your cycle looks fine rememeber an anti e

    Test is test so i wouldnt expect anything different than your other cycle. And by the way sus is a mixture of fast acting and long acting esters.

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    thats what im doing rite now... getting good dbol pumps.. what branch r u in

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    I think that your cycle looks good, but you might want to consider running the test 2 wks longer and maybe if you have the money get some deca to throw in there at 300mg wk. Be sure to have plenty of nolva on hand and some B-6 for the deca

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