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    New Cycle After Injury... Critique

    I am gettin acl surgery soon and i would just like to say what i plan on doing 5 months after the injury... this way i will be able to jog and lift legs and if im going to do a cycle i want to be close to 100 percent

    750mg of test ent. per week.... 1-12
    40mg of dbol everyday weeks 1-4
    300mg of deca weeks 1-10 (just using the deca for joint purposes)

    PCT includes nolva throughout - hcg - and clomid afterwards

    Ill be taking many vitamins and 2 over the counter fat burners as well as creatine

    *** Does any1 have any ideas on what i should do with the cycle maybe add something or lessen something... also keep in mind i have to keep kind of safe from reinjuring the knee

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    Well IMO you dont need the HCG , cycle isnt long enough to run it. If you want to go ahead, wont do any harm. Make sure you take vit B-6 200mg/ED including PCT for that deca . What cycle # is this for you?


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    guys i apologize for that... i am obviously running B6 with the deca that is one of the vitamins i should have included that as a pct thats my fault

    ya i might not do the hcg just thought i should because ive never taken 750mg and kind of need my balls ya know

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