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Thread: Test E / Tren E

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    Test E / Tren E

    was up guys,

    What do you think of a cycle of 300mg Test E and 200mg Tren E a week for 10 weeks
    I am 185lbs about 10%bf this will be my third cycle. My cycles usually consits of primo,var,eq. I do not what bad side so i am keeping dosses low. Do you think i can get some nice gains from that.


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    I think hes talking about tren enanthate = weekly injections.
    pro/acetate = ED...?

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    I have my next cycle set at Test E 250mg and Tren E 200mg shot every 3 days. From the different post/research that I have done, I think my cycle is at minimum dose to see any benefit from it.

    I will however start my tren at 150mg every 3 days at first to see how I react. This will be the first time I have used tren so I am being cautious.

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    I would go at least 300mg/week on the tren , and 400 or 500 on the test. But I also would rather see a first time tren user stick with tren acetate. If you have done a tren ace cycle, then try as you wrote it, but upping both meds by 100mg each per week and you should see some nice gains.

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