Ive never used anti-es, figuring this way I can maximize gains, but after feeling groggy non stop on test, falling asleep non stop, having ZERO sex drive and putting on as much fat as I am muscle despite eating clean, im wondering if A) These are downsides to to much estro and B) If these just plainly outweight any type of advantage to not using anti-e like gains.

My 19 week test cycle is over in 2 weeks anyways, but it cant hurt to learn for next time.

On a side note, you wont believe how dead my sex drive is. I dont have a gf so usually I get sex once a month, if I get a chick at a bar REALLY drunk then hey maybe even more than once a month, but since starting this cycle 19 weeks ago Ive had NO sex because I havent tried at all. And Ive only masturbated maximum 20 times.

Thats just a side fact... Now respond to to much estro question.