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    Extremely oily skin & Cycle.

    23yrs old. 8+ years workout experience. i've run 4 cycles since a year and a half ago. 210lbs. 5'10''. not sure on my exact bf% but at the beginning of my cycle it was kinda on the high side.

    i'm running an extended summer cycle of:

    Test Enanthate 1g\week. weeks 1-8.
    Test Prop 1g\week. weeks 9-16.
    Tren Acetate 150mg\EOD. weeks 3-13.
    Anavar 60mg\day. weeks 1-8.
    Winstrol (oral) 50mg\day. weeks 9-16.
    L-dex 1mg\EOD
    Nolvadex 40mg\ED
    Cabergoline .5mg\2x per week

    200g Egg\Whey\Milk Protien everyday.
    1 Universal Animal Pak multi-v everyday.
    4g Glutamine everyday

    currently on week 11 with fantastic results. my bf% has decreased noticably, i've put on about 10-15lbs LBM, getting vascular like hell (which i could never do). my diet could use some disclipline though.

    as far as sides: my sex drive is normal. attitude is a bit testy. always hot, sweating like never before. acne comes and goes in flare-ups, mainly when i'm changing my cycle. lethargy is a kind of an issue. my blood pressure is up, but nothing to get crazy about. my liver values as of 3 weeks ago are elevated 10 points from normal, but my doc said nothing to stress on. he knows the deal. OILY FRIKKEN SKIN!

    thats my gripe... my skin is like an oil slick all day. i know its an internal issue. is there anyhting that would help to resolve this. i'd rather NOT use accutane. i used it as a teenager and it made me severely depressed. i'd rather go the natural route... i heard high dose b5 helps.

    so yeah please critique and if you have info on my question... let me hear it.

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    B5 is the way to go brother. I've also used accutane and personally I think I got better results with the B5 then with the accutane. I did 5g. ed split into 3 doses of 2g in the am 1g with lunch and 2g with dinner. After a week of that I evaluated and decided to lower the dose to 3g ed split into 1g dose in the am, lunch and dinner. Hope this helps bro. You may have to adjust the dose accordingly since you're a bigger guy then me.


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    yeah i read on other forums doses ranging from 5g to 10g per day. i'll definitely give it a try.


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