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    Stay on clen with benadryl?

    Hey bro's, i've been reading into Hooker's Clen posts and damn, i have to say they definately got me thinking in an opposite direction of the traditional clen theories...........

    so bascially, i'm on day 3 of my clen cycle right question is...instead of going 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, can i stay on for 6 weeks and just take 100mg benadryl a night for weeks 3 to 5? or should i keep taking the benadryl from week 3 to 6? let me know on your guys experiences and ideas! thanks


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    At about week 3 or 4, your body temp will go back to normal. Hooker recommends taking your body temp. every morning. When your back to normal body temp (usually wk 3 or 4), take 100mg benadryl for that week (@ night). This will bring back the full effect of the clen .
    good luck

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    Take it every night on weeks 3 and 6.

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    ok i got it every third week take the benedryl for 50mg a night so do i take the benedryl that week along with the clen or during that week lay off the clen take the benedryl and wait to the folowoing week to go back on the clen thanks

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