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    Should I take a rest?

    Coming to the end of a 13 week sustanon cycle, 125mg eod. I feel really good and have made some nice gains but I have heard that you should take a week off every 8 weeks or so to let your body repair fully and to shock it when you go back to the gym again. Or is it during PCT when I need to train the most and get through the inevitable come down.

    this was my first cycle and am planning to go again maybe november time.
    Was thinking either test/eq or test/deca , whats best for lean mass gains

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    I actually wait for about 4-5 months of working out to give my body a rest of 1-2 weeks. I change my w/o routine every 6-8 weeks, so my muscles don't get accustomed to the w/o. Remember muscles have memory.


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    during pct u do need to train, and really focus on ur diet.

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