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    cycle for a beginner

    hello there people.i am in need of some advice.i have been training on and off for about 3 years.i am about 6ft 5in and weigh around 198 pounds.i eat well.i gram protein and 3 grams carbs per pound of bodyweight.forgot to mention i am 23 years old.i train hard when i am at the gym.i have been training my shoulders and triceps on a monday.back on a tuesday.chest and biceps on a thursday andlegs on a friday.i have gained from this but i know a lot of people who take steriods and are bigger than me and don't train nearly as hard as me.they are all taking deca and sus.i have now decided to take my first cycle and not listen to those knobs and ask you fellow people what would be best.thanks

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    Honestly what would be best, is to continue with your diet and up the protein, train harder. I gained about 22 lbs naturally in 3 yrs. I would check your w/o routine. AS is not a magic pill bro. If you don't w/o correctly you won't see the full potential of yourself naturally, and if you did AS you wouldn't see the full potential there either.


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    i would suggest you take 500mg test e weekly 10-12 weeks,nothin else mate just some nolva to hand just in case of gyno,and sort out your pct before you start any course.

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