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Thread: gyno

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    What do you get to prevent forming gyno?

    Is there anything legal you can buy at stores or is it another drug?

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    Anti-e's. Nolva, arimidex , letro. Letro being the best of the bunch. You could also use proviron which stops the formation of estrogen.

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    I have heard that letro is the best to use. You can check it out at the board! Good luck bro!!

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    Letro is the big gun for gyno. Break it out only when you need it. It is the most powerful aromatase inhibitor. The frontline asset in the war against gyno is nolvadex . An AI prevents the formation of estrogen. an anti-estrogen simply blocks estrogen by binding to the receptors so the estrogen can have no effect. So, obviously nolvadex has an immediate effect. Preventing the formation of new estrogen has no immediate effect on the old estrogen already formed. Nolvadex takes care of that. Plus, it has other benefits. It is a weak synthetic estrogen itself, so it mimics "real" estrogen in some organs and one of the beneficial effects is that it raises HDL to give you a better lipids profile. I have heard it can also lower LDL. Letro can really mess up your sex drive. Nolva has only a weak effect on that. Letro is some strong stuff, but takes several days to have an effect. So, often a preventative dose of nolva, maybe 10mg, is used throughout the cycle. At the first signs of gyno, the nolva dose is upped, to 40 or 60 or even 80mg and if symptoms don't immediately respond to the high dose of nolva, letro is started. Or if you have a past history of gyno and know you are very susceptible, you might start letro right away, or even run it right from the start of the cycle at about 1mg/ED. 2.5mg is considered a heavy dose.

    You can get both letro and nolva from our sponsor, *****. Our other sponsor, Oasis, also has some ancilliaries, in pharmaceutical grade/form to prescribe to their patients. ARR's nolva and letro are research grade and labeled "not for human consumption" but so far I have not got cancer or turned into a werewolf or anything from accidentally mixing up my meds and the stuff I experimentally give to my lab rats. IOW nobody will know if you take some in spite of the very clear warning on the bottle. There are also other vendors who sell research grade anti-E and AI chemicals.

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