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    Can i add Test E to me cycle? HELP!

    Im running a 10 week sus 250 cycle at 500mg a week and was wondering if i could add another steroid to my cycle for around another 5 weeks. Would 15 weeks be too much for a first time user or is test E mild enough? Im on week 4 of my sus cycle and notice small but promising results. Strength is increasing but weight is not. No sides at all really. I havent been able to put on any weight which i was hopinig for and was thinking test would get me that. Let me know if anything can help or if the 10 weeks should be plenty.

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    No ,Sticxk with the Sus 250 go to 12 weeks.
    That would be good for your first cycle Bro
    Good luck

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    sust is test & enenthate is test 2 dont take them 2 gether

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    Man you need to do a little more research before you start using AAS if you dont know that Sust is a Test. And you should also know that the decanoate in the Sustanon is a long ester just as Test C or Test E would be. So basically you are already taking 200 mg/week of a long acting ester which will react fairly similarly to cyp or Enanthate . This is your first cycle, just take it easy. If you're not happy then cycle again later on. But work your way in to this slow, and please do some more research before thinking about just sticking more Steroids in your body

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