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Thread: Juice holdiays?

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    Juice holdiays?

    I have read a fair few pages and have notied alot of you have been on an AAS holiday. I was just wandering how do you finish a full course because Can't you only stay in a certain country for like 3 weeks, that doesn't give you enough time,

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    It depends a lot on the country and what their rules are. I live in China, which is communist and fairly strict. So you are restricted here for the length of your stay on a tourist visa, but I think they extended the length or number of allowable entries this last year. Some people just pop down to Hong Kong when their visa is done and get a new one. I've got a work visa and only have to renew it once a year....

    Other countries that you might want to visit on a "holiday" like Thailand or Turkey have different policies and I do not believe they are as limiting.

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    Thailand normally issues visas for 30 days to tourists. But you can cross over the border to Cambodia and return, and get stamped again for another 30 days, and again when that one expires. I don't know about Turkey.

    In Mexico you can get a 180 day tourist visa. But it is not nearly as juicer-friendly as Thailand.

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