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    First Tren Cycle! Help

    I have done three cycles which included either test e, deca , and d bol or a mixture of them. Anyways ive read so much good stuff about tren A so im willing to take the plunge into everday injections. Is 6 weeks long enough and could I get good results with stacking test e with it for 10-12 weeks? should the tren come at the beggining or end of cycle. Thanks for the help!

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    start the tren 2 weeks after you start the test e. run the tren with the test e for 8 more weeks. 2 weeks after your last tren\test e shot begin PCT.

    that's my 2 cents.

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    If you are using a long ester test then the tren will act as the kickstart or jumpstart to your cycle. I personally would go 8 weeks, but 6 weeks while the test is becoming active will be nice. Add dbol if you have a positive responce to it, this would be a good strength size addition with the tren/test.

    Once you figure out your cycle lay it out along with your stats for members to critique.

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    IMHO if you take tren A with a long ester test, you should wait for the test to begin having an effect before beginning the short estered tren. Figure 4 weeks, maybe 5 weeks into the cycle. Aside from that consideration, I like to begin tren as early as practical in a test cycle. You can indeed run tren for only 6 weeks if you like. THis is a very popular way of using tren A since it begins to have an effect within the first week.

    If you front-load with prop, you could IMHO start the tren maybe a week after beginning the prop, or even start them together if you run a fairly high dose of prop to begin with, say 25mg higher than the tren dose.

    Most knowledgeable users like to begin a tren A cycle fairly lean. If you begin from a reasonably lean condition, under 12% at least, you will see a nice hardening effect with your gains. THis is especially noticeable if you run nolva throughout, in my experience.

    Meso's approach will work well as far as gains go, but for me, the shutdown is pretty harsh when I do it that way. THat's why I let the test come in good before starting the tren A. You will grow like a weed, though! Keep the tren doses up where your sides are present but manageable. That way you know you are getting enough for good effect. Easy does it on the adjustments... raising or lowering even 10mg/day can have a noticeable difference. I would rather jumpstart with dbol or maybe prop, and bring in the fina when the test is high enough that shutdown is not an issue. You can run the tren right up to the end of your cycle if you like, even continue a few days after your last test shot if you want, since the test remains in your body longer than the tren A. 6-10 weeks is the usual length of time to run tren but some users report running it for several months with no ill effect, in spite of the naysayers who forecast liver and kidney death from prolonged use. I wish we really knew how "bad" this stuff really is, because I friggin love it.

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