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    Should a first time user........?????

    frontload Test E or wait until the second cycle to see if that dose can be tolerated to avoid gyno and things of that nature. I have run Test E once in the past with no problems but only at 375 mg/wk. I read the frontloading thread but have a question.

    Would people advise to jumpstart a cycle
    TEST E @ 500mg/wk 13 weeks
    EQ @ 400mg/wk 12 weeks
    DBOL @ 40MG/wk weeks 1-4

    Or Frontload the Test E the first week and keep the EQ at 400 mg/week and skip the DBOL?

    I was planning on biweekly injections on a monday thursday schedule. So if frontloading was suggested, the first week of injections would be 500mg on Monday and 500mg on Thursday????????? Help me out here please.


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    There is no reason a 1st or even a 2nd or 3rd time user should consider
    using a frontload... There's no reason for it, you'll grow just fine without
    getting to advanced... Run your dose the same all the thru...

    Also everyone is not the same in regards to gyno, you won't know how
    sensitive you are to estrogen side effects until you run a cycle, just have
    your anti-estrogens onhand just incase you find you are sensitive to gyno
    caused by estrogen related sides...

    You cycle looks fine just as you have it...

    TEST E @ 500mg/wk 13 weeks
    EQ @ 400mg/wk 12 weeks
    DBOL @ 40MG/wk weeks 1-4

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