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    enlarged left ventrical

    before i start i want you all to know that i have meds for the conditions i am about to reveal. I repeat i have meds for my condition. the other day i was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure. i have had this for a while before meds 145/90 with meds 135/76. the doc said that if i started working out and lost some weight it would go down and i could get of the meds. so i started working out and it did work, it went down to 135/76 without meds and stayed there for a while so he said you don't need to take them i wanted to try roids . i started with a Dbol only cycle and it was okay my pressure maintained. it was when i stacked Dbol with test (sus and enan) that my pressure started going fvckin haywire. it seemed that right after i finished that cycle that my pressure started acting up. I started having chest pains on the 4th of july it was the 5th when i was admitted. my pressure was 140\80 at home when i got there it shot up to 190\100. it took awhile to come down at the hospital. i had a stress test the 6th of july they said that my ticker was great. but it was an echocardiogram that told them that i have a slightly enlarged left ventrical. this could not have come from steroid usage. first, my first cycle i used 10 mg Dbol once a day for 6 weeks now you might not think that was not enough but it was good enough for other people to see the results. second, my second cycle i used 10mg D bol and stacked it with 250ml of test every 10 days now i know these are all barely the minimum. so i can't believe that it came from the roids. what i was told that because my pressure has been high it made my left ventrical pump harder so this enlarged it.but i've read different. i read that body builders and power lifters and anyone who lifts heavy weights consistantly the left ventrical gets enlarged. as you well know the left ventrical pumps blood rich in oxygen back to the body. this is where the high blood pressure comes in the ventrical is inlarged so that it exerts extra pressure inside the walls of arteries creating high blood pressure. now when i got my results back my Lt ventrical is said to be pumping at 60%. my family doc says that's okay,but the meds i am taking says otherwise. besides my pressure med they have me taking a med that people who are in heat failure or have had a heart attack are taking well i didn't have an attack. i keep getting mixed messages from them one minute they say other than your pressure you are healthy as hell. i have made an appointment with the cardiologist that gave me the stress test and took the cardiogram. stay tuned.

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    Why did you stack so many compound the second time , sust has 4 diff esters, then you have test-e 1, thats alot for your body to process. Sust always kranks up my blood pressure Plus d-bol is garbage

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    i always just monitor my bp on cycles. if it gets a bit high, i lower my sodim and slip some cardio in my routine. the increase in bp from roids as i understand it is due in large part to the additional fluids retained which in turn forces your heart and kidneys to work harder to compensate. so dbol =water retention, in fact thats all it equals. test blends didnt help either.

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    I found out pretty much the same info yesterday, my left ventrical is enlarged. Steroid use ?? don't know, but it is there, have to go for my stress test as soon as i'm over this damn cold. My bp has always been high and i think it is due to that and nothing to do with steroids . However I've been checked for years and this is the first time they came back with a problem. Where did you find the article on bodybuilders having enlarged left ventricals?

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    hmmm.. firstly, almost all sports tend to increase the size of the left ventricle (especially cardio and other endurance sports). In the beginning the enlargement caused by sports is similar to that caused by high BP. At some point the heart cannot compensate anymore with concentric hypertrophy and it may become excentric. It dilutes, this is already very bad and irreversble. it makes sense that steroids effect the heart since it is a muscle. But how bad is it? Well that depends, if everything else is in control I personally aint worried about it. Lance Armstrongs heart is supposed to weigh double of that of a normal man. Ive red somewhere that steroid induced hypertrophy is a lil diffrent than athletics induced (affecs diffrent parts etc..) but cant verify the credibility of that. IMO left heart hypertrophy is not necessary bad, it might be though, and the heart might be more susceptible to arrythmias. A lil hypertrophy there though IMO aint bad.. if it has diluted that is ofcourse very bad.. I aint no cardiologist (dont make any important decisions based on this since I am writing out of my head and Im not bothering to check any of this, but I am pretty sure this is the way it is (very oversimplified though.. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by i'm rick james when i got my results back my Lt ventrical is said to be pumping at 60%. ....

    .if you're speaking of your ejection fraction, the normal range is around 55% to 70%.....Mine is currently @ 42%.....It was down to less than 30% twice last year due to a virus that damaged my heart muscle...(The damage was confirmed by a catheterization)
    ...Good luck @ the cardiologist....

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