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    Questions about my cycle

    I'm planning to take following cycle:

    Test ena 1-4weeks 500mg and 5-8weeks 750mg
    Anadrol 50mg/ed first 20 days
    Win 1-4weeks 150mg/w and 5-8weeks 200mg/w
    Hcg 3-10weeks 2x500iu/w

    PCT I start week 11 with clomid
    Also I'm planning to take some proviron 1-10 weeks

    I have 4 questions about my cycle
    1. Should I take test ena same amount (625mg) 1-8weeks and not rise it in middle as I'm planning

    2. Would it be wiser to take winny after anadrol and go it with 4-10weeks.

    3. Is there any idea to rise winny in middle or should I go with it also same amount all cycle

    4. When I stop taking anadrol what would be good stuff stick then along my cycle, d-bol maybe and go it 4-10weeks?

    If you have any others comments also about my cycle please tell me


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    No offense bro, but theres alot more research that needs done here.

    1. No need to inncrease your dose of enth. Your better off to keep blood levels constant throughout your entire cycle and run the enth for a minimum of 10wks.

    2. Running two 17aa s together is a huge NO-NO....especially a 17aa as toxic as drol....drol is very harsh on the liver.

    3. Dol the cycle right into dbol ???....for 10wks????....see #2.

    4. IMO no need for HCG in this cycle unless you are prone to testicular atrophy.

    5. Start your PCT clomid 2wks after your last shot of enth.

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    Ok, change my cycle like this:

    test ena 1-10 weeks 500mg/w
    anadrol 1-3 weeks 50mg/ed
    winstrol 4-10 weeks 200mg/w

    I'm still want to take more some roid along in 4-10 weeks, any ideas?

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    Here is new try to my cycle:

    test ena 1-10 weeks 750mg/w
    anadrol 1-5 weeks 50mg/ed
    winstrol 6-12 weeks 200mg/w

    I can't have more winny so must go to 200mg/w.
    Should I split test ena 3 shots or take it with 2 shots?
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