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Thread: stupid ass??

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    stupid ass??

    stupid ass??


    Hey guys I gotta quick question. My friend ran one cycle last year (his first)with no pct. Can you still do a PCT even if it has been an entire year since you last juiced?

    I'm asking cause he still experiencing some side-effects from his cycle. He did an 10 week cycle of:

    test E 250mg/w
    deca 300mgs/w
    and eq..
    with out pct..

    I'm not too sure on the dosage of his tren or eq, . but he ran this cycle for 10 weeks. It has been a year later (didn't keep any gains) and he is still experiencing side effects LIKE: Small lumps in the nips GYNO?? and the impervious deca dick. My question is will such chems like nolva and mayb e even letrozole be effective if its been a full year since he been on??
    ANy knonwledgable experience and help on this is appreciated. Thanks

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    tell your buddy to jump back on test, then do proper PCT when he comes off. Usually if your test levels are low, the doctor will prescribe you transdermal test gel for 2 or 3 months, consisting of 50mg a packet. So why not jump right back on the real deal and get your PCT down this time around

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    You should refer him to Pheendo's PCT protocol if he's to do another cycle in the future. To me a cycle is worthless and reckless if you don't take the proper precautions to make sure you get all the benifits from the cycle while minimizing the side effects at the same time, let alone regenerating his own natural test production.

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