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    Mixing oil with water

    Well before I read that you can not mix your HCG with my test or any other oil based steroid , and today in one of my threads someone said that I could mix the HCG with my oil AAS>
    Can I mix these, and if the answer is yes why cant I mix my winny shots with my PROP.
    I always thought you could not mix water and oil.

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    oil and water do NOT mix. so if u put oil based gear with a water based gear together in one syringe they won't mix, but gotta be sure about the chemical properties of the compounds not to react with each other and change the compound completely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokethedays
    oil and water do NOT mix.
    Yeah...they don't mix, here...they do mix in zero gravity, but i'm just being an assclown...or an **** can still shoot some together, but as previously mentioned ya may get some extra reactions & ya may not...

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    You can put oil and water in the same syringe but as mentioned they wont mix, the water will shoot in pretty quick and the oil will go a little slower. I wouldn't mix test and hcg however since hcg should be a sub-q shot and test is i.m.

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