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    Arrow Test Cyp Cycle. Opinions please...

    This is the cycle that I plan on taking:
    test. cyp 1g/week for 10 weeks
    nolva during cycle and clomid for PCT.
    Is there any problems with this.
    If that cycle sucks then hows this:
    test Enan. 1g/week for 10 weeks
    same nolva and clomid treatment.
    2 injections per week of 500mg each.

    thanks bros!

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    The answer to your question depends upon your stats, your history with AS and your goals. 1000mg of Test per week is quite a bit--usually reserved for long-term users who's receptors have become desensitized to lesser amounts.
    I don't know your history but, the fact that you're asking about 1 gram per week seems to indicate that you're not at that level of experience.

    Post your stats and other info and someone will respond with a recommendation. Just of hand, I'll say that I have been doing cycles for three years now (at appropriate intervals) and the most I ever use is 750 mg / week and quite honestly, I've found that results for me are comparavble at 500mg /wk. More is not necessarily better. How's your diet and your discipline?

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    E London,no SOURCES given
    yes we need your stats and cycle exp to comment mate

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    besids both gears r the same loooooool

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    I wanna gain size! that'd be nice!
    Here's my stats:
    Age 21
    height 6 foot
    weight 175
    cycles 3
    Diet was good too already checked up on that.
    i gain when I'm juicing but not as much as I would like to. about 13-15 lbs in the last cycle is what I gained that was an 9 week cycle.
    Is deca and test e stack better then the one above?

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    1g/wk of Test is a lot IMHO for a 4th cycle. This dosage is not needed. Stack the Test with something like Deca OR Tren .

    If you want size run Dbol /Test/Deca.

    wk 1-4 Dbol 40mg/ED
    wk 1-13 Test 750mg/wk
    wk 1-12 Deca 400mg/wk

    Followed by correct PCT.

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