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    No ass kissing , just truth

    Ive been using some test-e and after the shot pain and soreness occures after about two days.

    Well thanks to the great board and wonderfull bros that come here,I got some advice to let the syringe sit on a cup of hot water for a minute or so heating the oil, massage for a couple of minutes.

    Can't remember the individuals name but thanks, all of us have and do contribute to this board,even if you don't think it is important your advice is read.

    Your brother
    Twostones (pain free)

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    Wow. I hope your cycle goes well, stick around AR, good to have respectable people here. We all learn somthing NEW everyday.


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    my test is is warming up right now, mhmhmm warm test e.........

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    always good to learn something new

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