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Thread: sus/tren

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    thinking of doing a sus/tren cycle. Is shooting eod enough to get by with both? i was thinking 125mg sus 75 mg tren a eod. Is that enough to see good results in strength and mass for a first time user of tren?

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    I'd increase the tren to 100.... that cycle would be good though.

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    I'd prefer to shoot tren a ed,but that's me. Sust you'll be fine shooting eod with the 4 different ester in it. Tren acetate will be in and out of your system rather quickly. Shooting eod, from my experience, gave me more side effects that manifested in an increased acne. After switching to ed shots and adding in a modest amount of B5, the acne subsided and the cycle went well. Oh I should say that I was running test prop ed along with the tren a. Great cycle.

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