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    danabol ds, real or fake?

    how can you tell if danabol ds is real or fake? im having some sent over, but without the original box due to customs problems, therefore they will be packed in bubble wrap or something. what test can i do to see if the danabol is fake, or any dianabol for that matter? i know the danabol ds are blue hearts, but they could be anything for all i know...thanks guys

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    Back from the dead.....
    check out the forum dedicated to that...

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    I bet they have the orig.wrapper from the pharmacy attached to the pack some where

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    Well best advice I can give you is if they are coming from a realiable,
    well respected source then you are probably fine, but blue hearts are
    in short supply with body research not being around now... Comes
    down to if you can trust your source or not... You could also have
    them lab tested to make sure, but with D-bol you'll know quick if
    they are real with a week or two tops... There were very few times
    I heard of counterfit blue hearts so you're probably fine...

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    yeah i agree, if youve got a good, reliable source chances are they are real, but youll know pretty quickly depending on how you feel when taking them.

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    real or fake? ill give you the website to check it out if u email me or pm me or something. thanx

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