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    need advice on first cycle

    I'm just as confused as anyone else that wants to start a first cycle and can't quiet decide what to do. I'm only looking to put on about 10 to 15 pounds of hard lean muscle. I'm 39 and I weigh about 195 on a 6'1"-6'2" frame. I'm muscular and have been working out for a while. Someone suggested to me to do an only test cycle at 100mg a week. Does this sound reasonable to reach my goals? I have read all the stickys on various web sites and this seems like a low dosage especially for a first cycle. PLEASE HELP!!!

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    A test only cycle would be a good first cycle for you and you could attain what you are looking for with a dose of 400-500mg/wk. split into two injections. If diet and training are on, you should have no problem.

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    most people suggest 400-500 mgs a week like bodymechanic says personally i think that at your age and with no cycle experience you could reach your goals with 300mg test per week split up into two shots. Of course if you dont know about proper pct research that and take your time learning good luck

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