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Thread: the "sides"

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    Cool Must Read!!

    Anyone notice the sides ppl hear about and the ones you really get rarely have any relation? Im so sick of uneducated morons telling us why not to do steroids ...when they have to completely fabricate sides to do so. I posted in another thread that i simply tell ppl to name one single hormone for every 50 i can name...and then i will hear them out. no need to say more. the other day i was listening to my dads regular anti-steroid propaganda....while in between sentences he puffed away on a newport!! OK first off i will start by saying that there isnt a damn thing on this earth that doesnt cause cancer...and any time you so much as drive down the road, you run a risk of getting hit by a semi. for every non-health conscious cigarette smoker, drinker, or just plain lardass doing things in daily life(smoking in particular) that run infinite more risks that i do with my steroids....but for ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD CAUSE!! there isnt a damm person out there who has any right to tell me....what i should or shouldnt do....especially when i have great cause, and little risk(none that they would have a clue about neways) and they are puffing away on cartons of cancer sticks just for kicks. you deserve a great big boot up the ass for even ATTEMPTING to put me in my place about my "STEROID ABUSE "! Go talk to one of your other unhealthy counterparts about how horrible i am....while i work on making my six-pack more shredded(god help me, im soo wrong for that). talk to ya in twenty years when you are in your deathbed and im in health magazines or on the beech getting biiithces. i am in no way encouraging steroid use to ppl...simply stating that after years of research....and learning preventative measures, I have decided that the good outweighs the bad(for me). Especially compared to drinking, smoking, even eating unhealthy.

    thanks for your time.....DrugsrGood
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    the only negative thing i that happens to me when i take steriods is my clothes ave a tendency to get tighter so i gotta go buy all new clothes. too much money haha

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    The public is greatly uninformed on the real effects of steroid use . Its because of all the new propaganda being pushed upon everyone, no one realizes that with proper use, steroids can be extremely safe, even positive to ones health.

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