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Thread: injury??

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    Eq is anabolic , and supposed to help joionts, right? Well, I injured my shoulder, and I've just recently been back in the gym, it's been feeling better, but still a little shaky. So I'm only doing 50-80% on most exercises, upperbody. I am planning to run a cycle in the next few weeks when the shoulder feels better. I am planning to stack it, prop, with either D-bol or EQ. I am thinking that since EQ is anabolic and helps with joints than maybe I should run that, maybe shoulder would heal better in the long run? Anyone with similar experiences or good knowledge of EQ? thanx.......

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    eq will not help out the joint deca will. so if you plane on a cycle make it prop d-bol daca. im not sure on what you looking to get from the cycle. you will need to dose it but the deca will only need to run at 200mg to help the joint. if your looking for more gains just up the dose

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    I agree with the above, EQ will not help your joints. Deca will help the symptoms of bad joints but will not heal them either.

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    alflutop do a search my friend.

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    Good luck bro! I am not sure,but i am reading up and research so if I find out anything I will let you know bro!

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