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    Apr 2005

    Is superdrol really that good?

    I read people saying superdrol is stronger than anadrol with less side effects? Sounds too good to be true; is it?

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    Jun 2004
    Not stronger than anadrol has different qualities good substance horrible on cholesterol.

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    BigRandy is offline Associate Member
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    sonoma county
    personally i dont like it. didnt see/notice anything after a week and a 1/2

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    i got a buddy that is up like 11 lbs in two weeks but he said mostly water right now and he is just now starting to feel strength gains...he says it is hard to tell right now

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    I got nothing at all from it, even at 40mg ED for 3wks. But I admit I was on a cutting diet and doing lots of cardio. Many users have reported that lots of carbs/cals are needed to see any effect. However, the manufacturer's literature implies that that shouldn't matter. But it seems there are people who just don't respond to it all. I guess I'm one of those.

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    superdrol uses whats described as a 'super glycogenic' effect, meaning it fills your muscles with glycogen way more than usual. So yeah youd need a lot of carbs and calories.

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