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Thread: legit and fakes

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    legit and fakes

    Does anyone how many fakes there are on Brovel products. I heard there are alot. Also how many fakes are there with tornell. the only reason I am asking is becasue my guy sent me some tt deca and the hologram said secruite and also sent me some tt testonon 250 the hologram on it said ttokkyyo and it had the raised letters on bottom. Is it possible for my guy to be able to get some real gear from tt and not others or is it all real. I asked about the brovel t200because he said it gets it for $27. a bottle all his clomid and sus redi-jets and clenbuteral are all real. His shop is in mexico. I have his bank account number then I fax him my order and it arrives in 3 days. I guess I want to know what are the odds of a connection ahve some real and some fakes if he is pharamicy in mexico.

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    Bro there are fakes everywhere there is always the chance you will buy fakes

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    if hologram on them probably not a fake
    also brovel and tornel are sp cheep there is not much profit to fake these it costs almost as much as real ones
    yes there are some fakes of these---i have not seen any---but i trust these more so than other forien stuff and would not trust any american stuff---too many fakes

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