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    Exclamation Solid Muscle Whey Protein

    Quick question to see if anyone has had their wives/girlfriends using this product. My gf is looking for a protein supplement to use as a meal replacement for her to use while at school and also to help her out a bit in training. Currently she has been using my Optinium Nutrition protein as a supplement. I just didn't knwo if the whey would add weight to her. Please let me know.

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    yer better off posting this in the diet section bro. But, as long as it doesnt have too much simple carbs/fat I dont see any problems with taking it as a meal replacement. Thats basically what I do. Then again my goals are probably a lot differnet from your wifes, so I consume multiple MRPs a day. When I use protein shakes as a meal replacement, I often find that I will be hungry again about 1.5-2 hrs later. To sum it all up I think it would be a good idea, as long as it doesn't have a lot of crap in it, just quality protein, maybe with some 1% milk or somethin.
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