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Thread: tren E 1/2 life

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    tren E 1/2 life

    I guess i assumed tren enanthate would have the same 1/2 life as test enanthate. I saw on another post while doing some research that moosepellet said 3.5 days for tren E. Can somebody clear this up, ive run tren acetate before, and would like to get away from e.d. injections. Is tren E available pre-made or would you have to make it? thank you.

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    sorry bro i felt bad cuz i did not see anyone answerin your ghread . I would say about a week but i do not know. check the profiles it will tell you for sure, or type tren e and half life into the search bar located above im sure i million threads will pop up.

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    tren e is avaliabvle pre-made yes
    and its the enanthate esther so it can be shot 2x/wk e3.5 days

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