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    The best test to stack w/D-bol?

    Which is the best test to stack with D-bol? Is Deca alone OK to stack with D-bol if that's all I have? I'm waiting for some Deca, D-Bol and hopefully test before starting my fall cycle. Right now all I have is 200 10mg Winnie tabs.

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    do test-deca -dboll-winny cycle:

    1-4 : Dboll 30mg ED
    1-10: Test C/E 500mg
    1-10: Deca 400mg (wouldn't use deca though but it's your choice)
    9-13: Winstrol Tabs 40/50mg ED


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    I agree, start the winny a week before you stop the test and deca . That way they are still in your system for 4 weeks after your last injection. The winny will help solidify your gains then start your PCT a week after your last winny tab. Winny and deca seem to go good together, great for ending out a cycle.

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