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    cutting cycle check

    Hi fellas whats up
    Here is my cutting cycle
    1-4 Adriol 40mg per day *every 4hr 12pills/day
    1-10 Primo 600mg per week *splited every mon-thurs
    2-12 Test prop 100mg per day
    3-10 Tren acet 50mg per day(1st time user)
    4-10 Avavar 80mg per day *splited in am-pm
    1-16 Ldex 0.25mg per day or letro i`ll see
    2-12 B-complex injectable b1-6-12/+b6 per day
    1-10 Hcg 250i,u every 3 days
    10-12 Hcg 500i.u per day
    10-16 Nolva 20mg per day
    12-16 Clomid 100mg per day

    I`ve some primo(60) and adriol(6x60) sitting in my closet so i decided to run them
    stats 6.1/190/~8-10%
    Diet 300p/150c/50f something like this.. i`m already in a cutting diet (started 3 months ago.. down from 220)
    cardio 1h every day in am
    Goal : Extra lean 4-5%bf

    What do you think guys.. any comment would be appreciate


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    I wouldn't do the hcg the way you have it in weeks 10-12


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