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    Lost size, nolva?

    Hi yalls, im on 90mg ED prop... Week 17ish. With 3 weeks to go I decided to add some nolva, never took an anti-E before, in hopes of stopping fat retention which really hits me hard with high estrogen.

    Well after a week Ive lost a lot of muscle size, a noticeable amount, though lifts dont seem to have decreased at all.

    Is this the nolva getting rid of water in the mucsle?

    Or am I dieing.

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    Yes I would say you have about one week left to live. JK> It has been linked to reduced gains in some bodybuilders. This isn’t due, as previously thought, to its reducing estrogen levels (which it doesn’t), but rather to it’s ability to possibly reduce IGF (Insulin -like-Growth-Factor) levels, which are important for muscle growth. But it also prevents gynocomastia and increases test levels and improves the lipids. I would not do a cycle without it.

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    if in one week you lost more bodyfat and continued to diet, it is most probably the diet. There is no bodybuidler that doens't loose strength while dieting. and of course if your loosing water as well..remember, your not going to get sculptured ripped without loosing some mass

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    ur just losing water since u started taking nolva .... dont worry ... keep training like a beast

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