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    Jul 2005

    drop off in libido..

    on my first cycle of 200ml per week of test c and have a big drop off in libido..he aint working to well..any suggestions
    will nolvadex or proviron help??

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    200mg* and thats a low dose that may be why

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    Quote Originally Posted by fballhoss51
    200mg* and thats a low dose that may be why
    I agree


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    Yep, as others said, up the dose.

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    Im at 700mg a week. I have no libido AT ALL, its been like this since just a few days into my prop. In fact I havent had sex my entire 19 week cycle, and only wanked it about once a week.

    I guess some people have opposite reactions...

    Additionally, this is synthetic test... Not the real thing.

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    Wierd. Test make me like the rabbit. I get better libido gains with it than strength gains lol. Try hcg or add in nolva maybey?

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    I'm just finishing 13 weeks of sust and it makes me randy but sometimes I just cant shoot my load, not that my girlfriend minds when we go for hours. Everyone is different but as the others say you should start of on at least 500 mg test per week

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    up it to 500. If you can get some test gel or cream, apply a half gram twice a day to the backside of your nut sack. HCG helps, too. Keep the hcg dose low, at least 250 but no more then 500iu E3D. Nolva doesn't help me at all in that regard... in fact it seems to make me less horny. If all else fails, get some cialis from AR. The only bad thing about cialis is you can get hard pretty easy but it might still seem like such a chore to use it! If you have the fottitude to deliver a proper screw even when your heart just isn't in it, then cialis will turn your useless little gummi-worm into a weapon of @ss destruction.

    Not to worry, though, if these things are not practical for you or if they just don't do the trick. Your unit will come back to life, and your desire to use it, too, once you recover from your cycle.

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    yeah up the dose, you are essentially shutting your test down for a very small amount of synthetic test, furthermore, proviron would help a lot w/ that issue but only if your dose is at least 500mgs, w/ proviron you will get more out of your gear because of SHBG levels

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