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    time off question

    How much time do people take time off between cycles? Do your androgenic receptors need a rest? What is safe what is not?

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    typically, the rule of thumb is time on = time off. BUT, you can just do PCT, take some milk thistle to lower them liver enzymes and get a blood test, once your levels are back to normal, you could start again. but the levels getting back to normal is key. Not, close to normal, NORMAL. you will just be asking for trouble if your pushing your liver too hard. You only got one

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    I do the same. Weeks on = Weeks off. I have had my test levels checked after the full time off and both times were fine. I didn't to orals so I didn't have the liver checked.

    My cycle history is pretty light compared to most, usually 8 weeks. I am getting ready to start a cycle of prop and masteron and will be upping to 12 weeks. It get's tempting to start sooner, but it seems for me anyway that after about 8 weeks I feel good, look small, and the acne on my back stops. That's when I know I've recoverd!

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    as competing "uk jimmy" always says my friend, you wanna be safe, dont put steroids into your body, you wanna get huge for bb, pct+ 4 weeks. There are safer ways, longer time off i mean, but if i wanted safety i would not be puttin stacks of anabolic juice unto my body, so i take it at the optimum time and length to progress with bodybuilding, word.

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    I do pretty much what HERACLES74 stated earlier, time off = time on including PCT. But I always get a blood test to make sure everything is in order. That's the only way to be sure 100%.


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    How much does a blood test cost for you guys? I wanted my liver enzymes checked along with a lipid profile, and the lady checked my testosterone levels as well. Ended up being $200+

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