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    Jan 2005

    Test cyopinate question

    is running test cyopinate at 2 ml / week stack with dbol not enough. should i bump the daose of test or is the 2 ml good enough over 10 weeks?

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    musclestack is offline Productive Member
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    Mar 2005
    How many mg/mL is it? If it's 200 mg/mL and it's your first cycle, you could make some good gains off of it. If not your first cycle, then I would up it a bit. Make sure you shoot twice a week to keep blood levels normal.

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    yeah it will work good, but id say bump it up one more cc for stronger results.
    maybe 600 mg to 800mg a week.

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    What is your cycle history?

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    im doing the same one .. i started first week at 400 then just said "F it " and got another bottle and went to 500... it just seems like 500 is the standard lowest amount most people do.

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