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    Question ALRI's Max Vs E....Max LMG

    The main question is : what the diff between both and which one is supposed to make you be f***ing lethargic, and why?
    Is it worth stacking it with Prostanozol or not?
    Any Pct after?

    Thx in advance!

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    The E...Max LMG is actually the last bits of the Ergomax LMG being sold off. Max LMG is e...max's replacement. The E...Max is supposed to increase your sex drive and energy etc etc...possibly similar to DMT? Good luck trying to find info about this one, as it seems like many of the original threads were deleted. Google it, you might find some interesting info.

    ...and yes, PCT after E...Max.

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    E-max is the newly re-issued original ergomax and is methylated, some say it's DMT. MAX LMG is the non-methylated second max product. IMO, ergomax is very effective. MAX didn't do much, but I didn't run it too long, so it may work in time.

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